Hello and welcome to OrchidSimplicity.com! My name is Bob Benditzky and I have grown orchids for 10 years. 

I will write everything needed for You to become successful at growing orchids. What I mean by that, is that You will be able to raised your new plant, which is part of the Orchidaceae family until the plant blooms again.

I Haven’t Killed my new Plant – Now What?

That is exactly what I thought after I purchased my first Paphiopedilum gratrixianum pictured below.

Paph. gratrixianum

Paph. gratrixianum

 So, off to the library I went to take out every book I could find that had anything to do with growing orchids. Over the next year I acquired another three plants of the same genre as the first. 

Reading Books, Scouring Internet, Oh My!!

So, over the last 10 years I have taught myself how to grow many species of orchids. I also have learned how to grow my orchids in different environments, i.e. by the windowsill, under fluorescent lights in my basement, and when to weather is accommodating I take several of the species out to on my screened in porch.  

Growing Orchids is Easy

Orchids have a bad reputation as being difficult to grow. That is the furthest from the truth. All you  need is to consider where the plant originates and then try to match that environment as best you can without having to destroy your home.

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