Hello and welcome to OrchidSimplicity.com! My name is Bob Benditzky and I have been growing orchids for 10 years. 

I will be writing about about everything there is needed for You to become successful at growing orchids. What I mean by that, is that You will be able to raised your new plant, which is part of the Orchidaceae family until the plant blooms again.

I Haven’t Killed my new Plant – Now What?

That is exactly what I thought after I purchased my first Paphiopedilum gratrixianum pictured below.

Paph. gratrixianum

Paph. gratrixianum

 So, off to the library I went to take out every book I could find that had anything to do with growing orchids. Over the next year I acquired another three plants of the same genre as the first. 

Reading Books, Scouring Internet, Oh My!!

So, over the last 10 years I have taught myself how to grow many different species of orchids. I also have learned how to grow my orchids in different environments, i.e. by the windowsill, under fluorescent lights in my basement, and when to weather is accommodating I take serval of the species out to on my screened in porch.  

Growing Orchids is Easy